Accepted Papers

Full Papers

  • Anastasios Iliopoulos, John Violos, Christos Diou and Iraklis Varlamis,
      “Detection of Anomalies in Multivariate Time Series Using Ensemble Techniques”
  • Vedashree Bhandare and William Andreopoulos,
      “Finding BERT errors using activation vectors”
  • Xuan Zhang, Yushun Fan and Jia Zhang,
      “APNet: Attention Mechanism with Point Sampling Loss Network for Remote Sensing Images Semantic Segmentation”
  • Qibu Xiang, Shuxiang Xu, Yushun Fan and Jia Zhang,
      “SparkACO: A Spark-Based Ant Colony Optimization for Path Planning of Large-Scale Complex Road Networks”
  • Antonis Troumpoukis, Iraklis Klampanos, Despina-Athanasia Pantazi, Eleni Tsalapati, Mohanad Albughdadi, Mihai Alexe, Vasileios Baousis, Omar Barrilero, Bryce Billière, Alexandra Bojor, Pedro Branco, Lorenzo Bruzzone, Andreina Chietera, Philippe Fournand, Richard Hall, David Hassan, Michele Lazzarini, Adrian Luna, Dharmen Punjani, George Stamoulis, Giulio Weikmann, Marcin Ziółkowski, Xenia Ziouvelou, Manolis Koubarakis and Vangelis Karkaletsis,
      “Bridging the European Earth-Observation and AI Communities for Data-Intensive Innovation”
  • Panagiotis Theocharopoulos, Panagiotis Anagnostou, Anastasia Tsoukala, Spiros Georgakopoulos, Sotiris Tasoulis and Vassilis Plagianakos,
      “Detection of Fake Generated Scientific Abstracts”
  • Georgios Batsis, Ioannis Mademlis and Georgios Papadopoulos,
      “Illicit item detection in X-ray images for security applications”
  • Sumedh Kale and William Andreopoulos,
      “Job tailored resume content generation”
  • Daye Kim, Juwon Baek, Jihu Yang, Hyun Roh, Heewon Jeong, Bryanna Ruiz, Minji Lee and Eric T,
      “Safe Route Recommendation based on Crime Risk Prediction with Urban and Crime data”
  • Rafayel Darbinyan, Hrant Khachatrian, Rafayel Mkrtchyan and Theofanis Raptis,
      “ML-based Approaches for Wireless NLOS Localization: Input Representations and Uncertainty Estimation”
  • Yue Wang, Chengze Zhang and Jianjun Yu,
      “Towards Massive Log Anomaly Detection Based on an Enhanced Multi-dimensional Time-domain LSTM”
  • Hafiz Budi Firmansyah, Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez, Jesus Cerquides, Valerio Lorini, Carlo Alberto Bono and Barbara Pernici,
      “Enhancing Disaster Response with Automated Text Information Extraction from Social Media Images”
  • Arul Palaniappan, Sai Kiran Chitti, Purnima Bhukya and Jerry Gao,
      “Data-Driven Analysis of EV Energy Prediction and Planning of EV Charging Infrastructure”
  • Abner Perez-Haro and Arturo Diaz-Perez,
      “Attribute-based access control rules supported by biclique patterns”
  • Sriya Balineni and William Andreopoulos,
      “Graph deep learning hashtag recommender for reels”
  • Sarada Prasad Dakua, Snigdha Mohanty, Subhashree Mishra, Sudhansu Sekhar Singh, Julien Abinahed and Abdulla Alansari,
      “Role of Liver Registration in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treatment Planning”
  • Kiran Mukunda, Anamitra Roy, Abhishek Santra and Sharma Chakravarthy,
      “Stress Centrality in Heterogeneous Multilayer Networks: Heuristics-Based Detection”

Short Papers

  • Aristotelis Ballas and Christos Diou, “CNN Feature Map Augmentation for Single-Source Domain Generalization”
  • Jinya Yano and Hiroyuki Fujioka, “Data Compression and Decompression of Handwritten Digital-Ink Using Sparse Gaussian Process”
  • Othman El Houfi and Dimitris Kotzinos, “Fact-Checking In Complex Networks: A hybrid textual-social based approach”
  • Ching-Seh Wu, Sasanka Kosuru and Samaikya Tippareddy, “Bird Species Identification from Audio Data”
  • Kevin Prakash and Genya Ishigaki, “Reinforcement Learning with Neural Network-based Deterministic Game Tree Approximation”
  • Rohith Puvvala Subramanyam, Abhay Naik and Mahima Agumbe Suresh, “ACCIDENT PREDICTION ON E-BIKES USING COMPUTER VISION”
  • Elis Kulla, Donald Elmazi and Keita Matsuo, “Performance Comparison of Vector Based Forwarding and Depth Based Routing in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks”
  • Abbas Golestani, Kristen Robinson, Joe Meyer and Melissa McMahan, “Discrete Text Summarization (DeTS): A Novel Method Grounded in Natural Language Inference and Grammatical Sequence Scoring”
  • Youssef Elmir, Yassine Himeur and Abbes Amira, “ECG classification using Deep CNN and Gramian Angular Field”
  • Jinan Fiaidhi and Sabah Mohammed, “Thick Data Analytics for Identifying Eye Conditions using Siamese Lookalike Neural Network”


  • Philip Chang, Yingtzu Yu, Abraham Sanders and Thilanka Munasinghe, “How Public Perceives the Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Uncovering Themes and Terms to Gain a Deeper Understanding through Topic Modeling and Clustering Analysis on Twitter Data”
  • Victoria Dubié, Juan Manuel Perdigon Sistiva, Leonardo Parra Laguna and Jesus Alexander Rodriguez Gonzalez, “Innovative and Successful Real-Time Automatization for Production in Oil and Gas Industry”
  • Hyo-Jae Yoo and Kwan-Hee Yoo, “Hybrid deep learning for an efficient detection of recalled products.”
  • Jing Fu, Frank Page and Jean-Pierre Zigrand, “Centralized or Decentralized? A Principal Agent Game of Network Formation”
  • Chen Li and Weisi Guo, “Soft Body Pose-Invariant Evasion Attacks against Deep Learning Human Detection”
  • Hirofumi Shimoe and Hiroyuki Fujioka, “Visualizing Attractive Factors in Buddhist Statue Images Using Grad-CAM”
  • Kaoru Fujioka and Yuna Tanaka, “A Model with Priority Queue with Heterogeneous Customers concerning Service Time”
  • Mohamed Zemmouri, Fatma Zohra Laalam, Yassine Himeur, Adel Oulefki, Okba Kazar, Nadjib Mesbahi, Wathiq Mansoor and Shadi Atalla, “Data analysis platform based on Big Data Paradigm”
  • Shashwat Kadam and William Andreopoulos, “Personalized Tweet Recommendation Using Users’ Image Preferences”
  • Abhishek Santra, Kiran Mukunda and Sharma Chakravarthy,
      “Privacy and Anonymity For Multilayer Networks: a Reflection”
  • Sabah Mohammed and Jinan Fiaidhi,
      “Problem-Oriented Translational Health Informatics for Evidence Based Medicine and Privacy Enhancing”
  • Tuan Minh Nguyen and Xuan-Son Vu,
      “Privacy and Trust in IoT Ecosystems with Big Data: A Survey of Perspectives and Challenges”
  • Dimitrios Karras, Donald Elmazi and Abdulsalam Alkholidi,
      “Cybersecurity and Privacy Attacks Detection in IoT Networks with Improved Data Engineering and Machine Learning Methods”
  • Elena Volodina, Simon Dobnik, Therese Lindström Tiedemann and Xuan-Son Vu,
      “Grandma Karl is 27 years old – research agenda for pseudonymization of research data”
  • Viraj Sabhaya, Amey Shinde, Abhishek Santra and Sharma Chakravarthy,
      “MLN-Visualizer: Interactive Visualization of Graphs and Multilayer Network Analysis Results”