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Speaker: Dr. George Tsatsaronis, Elsevier

Bio: Dr. George Tsatsaronis is Vice President of Data Science at the Operations division of Elsevier, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Prior to joining Elsevier in 2016 he worked in academia for more than 10 years, doing research and teaching in the fields of machine learning, natural language processing and bioinformatics in universities in Greece, Norway and Germany. He has published more than 60 scientific articles in high impact peer review journals and conference proceedings in various areas of Artificial Intelligence, primarily natural language processing and text mining. In Elsevier, Dr. George Tsatsaronis is responsible for the design, implementation, deployment and quality assurance for several of Elsevier’s machine learning solutions and capabilities.

Title: Big Research Data Platform: Knowledge Graphs and services for science

Abstract: Meaningful applications in Research, Life Sciences and Health require a big data infrastructure where organizations and users can operate on top of knowledge graphs that link together many large heterogeneous data sources, describe entities and relationships, and quantify uncertainty. In this talk three examples of large knowledge graphs will be given, which have been produce by Elsevier, and that can serve with downstream applications the research scientific communities for queries on scientific impact, funding and other scientometric and bibliometric aspects, as well as scientists, researchers and professionals in health and life sciences, and engineering. State-of-the-art research conducted in close collaboration with several academic institutions in the area of complex query answering on large knowledge graphs will also be presented, with emphasis on addressing the issues of missing links, and answering efficiently complex queries on top of incomplete graphs. Throughout the talk, examples will be given of how these technologies serve the scientific communities addressing real use cases, by being utilized in high throughput Web applications and platforms.

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