Topics of Interest

Particular attention will be dedicated to the following special topics:

Special Topic 1: Real-time Big Data Services and Applications

  • Models, algorithms, and technologies for real-time big data services and applications 
  • Experiences, practices and case studies of real-time big data services and applications 

Special Topic 2: Big Data Security, Privacy, Trust, and Sustainability

  • Models, algorithms and technologies for big data security and privacy
  • Attacks and defenses for big data services
  • Privacy-preserving processing of big data and Big Data for Security and Privacy Analysis
  • Energy-aware big data storage, transfer, and usage
  • AI-continuum (e.g., cloud, edge, sensors) for sustainable big data services

Special Topic 3: Big Data and Analytics for Healthcare 

  • Models, algorithms, and technologies of big data for healthcare 
  • Big data services and applications for healthcare
  • Experiences, practices, and case studies of big data technologies for healthcare